Understanding your personality temperament, and those of your team makes teamwork a whole lot smoother. Sales folks from Eloquest gathered for a team building event in Detroit, Michigan to learn, grow, and received great information about how to work with different personalities.

We are soooo…analytical!

The ”hard chargers” learned that whenthey drive over the more amiable members on their team, it can be costly to relationships. The Amiables learned that, those Drivers don’t mean to be so bold, and that being a little bolder gives them a little more control. Expressives learned to borrow some of the detail oriented skills from the Analyticals, and the Analyticals to be a little more…well…expressive.

It all came together during a Rescue Bear team building, workshop. In turn the Rescue Bears ®, lions, lambs and puppies will rescue some ailing children who are stuck in the hospital and need a friend. The team also learned that understanding how different personalities compliment, and sometimes collide, will help them sell more. Just understanding the decision makers personality and how to work with that personality, may help get the ink onto the contract, and more cash into their pockets.