Maxim Healthcare Team Building Events with TLI!

Build-A-Bike ®


Maxim Healthcare Team Building Events Benefit Kids in Chicago, Portland, and Raleigh

Maxim Healthcare Build-A-Bike® Team Building Events Benefit Kids in Chicago, IL, Portland, OR and Raleigh, North Carolina.

Maxim employees from three regions met on three different occasions to experience a Build-A-Bike Team Building Event. The meetings were help in Chicago, Portland and Raleigh and as a result a total of 70 new bicycles were given to children from the Boys and Girls Clubs of those areas. The events were fast paced and action filled as the teams in the different cities took part in several different activities that resulted in the building of the bikes. Nearly 500 Maxim employees from across the country took part in the fun construction project. The events were held in consecutive weeks; first in Chicago, Illinois followed by Portland, Oregon and finally in Raleigh, North Carolina. By the final event everyone involved had had a wonderful experience and contributed to the communities where the events were held.

There is a real benefit to having different locations participate in the same activity, like a Build-A-Bike Event. Even though they work in different regions and don’t interact on a regular basis, it gives the entire company a common experience. Now these 500 employees have a common bond that each can share with each other when they work together, or even meet on a passing basis. The common experience helps build the camaraderie in the specific region, but also across the country. Just knowing that company wide, employees have had the same fun and giving activity, helps build a corporate spirit. Not only was the event a fun time, a learning experience, but also a benevolent contribution to children, their families and the communities they live in. This shared company-wide experience has a positive effect that goes beyond the immediate participants, beyond the children, but to an esprit do corps that has long ranging positive repercussions beyond the physical locations.

Congratulations to Maxim for a far reaching event. Their offering of the Build-A-Bike Team Building Event was a great decision, a great experience and a great company building occasion.