Communicating and Leading Under Pressure Workshop

Think Clearly and Speak Clearly Under Pressure

The final session of the High Impact Leaders leadership course is all about communicating and leading under pressure. When we are under pressure, we have to be able to think clearly and speak clearly in order to be perceived as a confident leader. This session helps take some of that pressure off by helping you plan for these challenging situations ahead of time. In Part A of this session, we cover how to think and speak on your feet in an impromptu situation. Then, in Part B, we give participants case studies involving real-world situations that other leaders have faced, and we review each skill from the 12 sessions that will help you solve these challenges.

So, What Is in the Communicating and Leading Under Pressure Class?

Part A: Impromptu Speaking with Confidence

(Approximately 1.5 hrs)

One of the hardest types of speeches to deliver is the impromptu presentation. A leader who can stand up, and say what he or she wants to say, the way that he or she wants to say it, is exceptional. Especially, if that leader is speaking off the cuff. This session helps presenters think and speak more clearly when under pressure. The process also allows the speaker to be more persuasive in an impromptu speaking situation. By attending this session, you can expect the following results:

  • Think and speak more clearly under pressure.
  • Design and deliver impromptu speeches quickly.
  • Handle questions more easily.
Impromptu Speaking with Confidence Seminar

Part B: The Leadership Toolbox

(Approximately 1.5 hrs)

The Leadership Toolbox Class
The final session of High Impact Leaders is designed to help participants begin to see the “real-world” application of all of the skills developed in the class. We first review each session covered in the 12 session class. Then, we divide the class into executive teams who will each get a case study of a challenge experienced by a real executive team. Each group will get 30 minutes to identify a step-by-step plan using skills from the class, to solve each challenge. By attending this session, you can expect the following results:

  • Review all skills developed in High Impact Leaders.
  • Use real-life case studies to reinforce skills developed in the class.
  • Develop problem-solving skills for the business world.

Communicating and Leading Under Pressure Seminar and Workshop Details:

  • time constraints This Seminar Lasts Approximately 3.5 Hours
  • in person class / virtual class Both In-Person Seminars and Virtual Workshops.
  • group size Groups of 10 to 100+ People. For Best Results, Teams of 20 to 40 Are Most Cost-Effective.
  • customize the workshop content Workshop Modules are Interchangeable and Customizable.

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