Camaraderie Quest Team Treasure Hunt

Camaraderie Quest Team Treasure Hunt

Camaraderie Quest Team Building Scavenger Hunt.

We customize this fun team-building scavenger hunt for every group! The Camaraderie Quest team treasure hunt is not your ordinary scavenger hunt. It is a brainy, challenging, high-tech adventure that is tailor-made to your group and location every single time.

First, we divide the participants into teams. Next, we give each team a QR Code to access their quest on their smartphones. Then, the race is on! Teams use their phones to record their successes on photos and video recordings. Our system keeps score as each team submits their answers.

Since Each Team Treasure Hunt Is Customized, You Can Organize an Indoor or Outdoor Team Building Activity.

You pick the location, and we design the hunt. (Obviously, the more interesting the location, the more interesting the hunt.)

Each team chronicles its own quest. So, you, as the organizer, will end up with dozens (sometimes hundreds) of fun team photos of your group having an absolute blast!

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  • Zero-waste activity
  • No materials used

Here’s How We Design Each Custom Team Activity.

  • We design a custom race based on the history of the area that you choose for your location. (You can organize either an outdoor event or at an indoor location like a resort or museum.)
  • The group scores point three different ways. First, we look for little-known facts about the area. Once the teams find this information, they enter it into their quest. Second, the group will have to take a photo of their team in front of a statue, piece of art, or other picturesque location. The y score the biggest points, though, by taking a video of their team accomplishing a task. (This often adds a lot of humor to the end of the meeting!).
  • We score each group based on the number of correct answers, the number of pictures that they bring back, and special bonuses for the most entertaining movies. It is a blast!
  • Optional: Want to add an emotional ending? We can add a cash value to each point and donate the proceeds to a local charity.

Team Scavenger Hunt with a Philanthropic Twist

Kid Quest: Items collected in the team building scavenger hunt are each worth monetary value. Donations increase as they get more items. Total value collected is donated to Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Make-A-Wish, a Children’s Hospital, or a similar children’s charity. This twist at the end leaves your group with a feel-good high that they were able to help a young person.

Hero Quest: Points collected in the hunt are each worth monetary value. Donations increase as they get more items. At the end of the event, the total value is donated to the USO or other charity to benefit soldiers who are deployed overseas. Having a patriotic twist is a great way to give back to those men and women fighting for our freedom.

Camaraderie Quest events are designed to fit a 2.5-hour time frame. Being composed of a short introduction, two 45-minute quests, and a 30-minute debrief and slideshow. We can shorten it to a little under two hours by eliminating a single quest. You can also extend to a half-day, full-day, or two-day workshop by adding teachings like Creating a Team Culture activity.
* All activities in this event are low impact.

Team Scavenger Hunt

Team Building Event Features

Group Size: 8-120 People

Time Needed: 2.5 Hours

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