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Meet the Instructors of The Leaders Institute ®

Each one of our leadership team building instructors have been with the company to see it grow over the years. They have all contributed in some way to making an impact on communities all across the United States. Learn more about them below and see who is working at the Leaders Institute to better the businesses in our great country.

Our leaders are always  improving their skills and becoming better leaders each and every day!

Doug Staneart, CEO

Doug Staneart (Dallas) is CEO of The Leaders Institute, LLC ® and has been a speaker, trainer, and keynote speaker for over 20 years and is author of five best-selling books. Doug revolutionized team building when he created a way to combine team development with philanthropic service with the Build-A-Bike ® team building workshop. Under Doug’s direction, The Leaders Institute ® has become one of the largest, most popular, and fastest growing training companies in the world. His style and energy make him one of the most popular speakers in the world.

Amy Maybury, Senior Instructor for The Leaders Institute

Amy Maybury, Senior Instructor

Amy Wilson Maybury (Dallas) spent over ten years in business management before becoming a professional facilitator with The Leaders Institute ®. Her natural ability to relate to people on a deeper level, extreme attention to detail, and high level of energy makes her an excellent candidate to deliver powerful performances with lasting memories. Amy’s clients rave about her relentless energy and how she can make any meeting fun!

Damian Johnson

Damian Johnson, Senior Instructor

Damian Johnson (Charlotte) is a Senior Instructor for The Leaders Institute, LLC ® and has been a speaker, trainer, and keynote speaker for over 10 years. Damian began his professional career in banking and finance which helped him discover his passion for coaching on personal finance management, leadership development and personal growth.

Toby Martini

Toby Martini, Senior Instructor

Meet Toby Martini (Tampa), one of our most engaging team building leaders. Well, it’s no joke that straddling the two worlds of business and entertainment made Toby a highly sought after trainer and coach who teaches the skills and challenges of Improv Comedy to corporate CEOs, management and employees. The skills needed to be funny and entertaining are valuable in the business world, as Toby learned first hand while working at several Fortune 500 companies – and as hundreds of graduates of Toby’s workshops will attest.

Candace Cox, Senior Instructor

Candace Cox (Las Vegas) has 15 years of on-air radio experience, mostly as a traffic and news reporter. Candace has also worked as an on-camera television host, emcee, actor and voice-over talent. Candace’s on-air experience makes her a favorite of audiences because of her humor and energy, and she has successfully transferred these talents to the business world to train other professionals. We are so happy to have her as one of our team building leaders.

Laura Lobo, Senior Instructor

Laura Lobo (Fargo) loves working with people and creating outrageously fun events that result in both learning and meaning. She has spent the last several decades helping individuals and teams improve connections, accelerate response times for problem solving, and prevail in today’s dynamic business landscape. With diverse experiences ranging from global multi-national companies to small entrepreneurial start-ups, Laura also provides executive presence coaching and vocal impact training through Voice Pizazz LLC. She loves to travel and has visited most of the United States and more than 15 countries.

Chris McNeany

Chris McNeany, Senior Instructor

Chris McNeany (Los Angeles) has been teaching and coaching in the corporate world for over eight years. He graduated with a B.A. in English, and he started his career teaching English in Ecuador for several years. He also has a background in acting and improvisation through the Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles and has appeared in a number of commercials and movies. His enthusiasm and energy as one of our team building leaders is contagious and his clients give him rave reviews. His diverse background allows him to connect quickly with his audience, and his humor always leaves the group wanting more.

Scott Hubbard

Scott Hubbard, Senior Instructor

Scott Hubbard (Chicago) is a certified facilitator and career coach. His 10 years of experience in sales and business development gives him a results-oriented approach to training. He studied comedic improvisation at the conservatory at the Second City of Chicago, and he is passionate about bringing “improv” techniques into business settings. Scott has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Purdue University.

Susan Schoenfeld

Susan Schoenfeld, Senior Instructor

Susan Schoenfeld (Milwaukee) is one of our strongest team building leaders. She has worked as a Professional Development Director at a large law firm, Training Manager in a healthcare organization, Curriculum Designer for a non-profit, and College Professor at several universities. She has been coaching clients, presenting workshops and speaking professionally for over 20 years. With an MA in Communication and experience acting in professional theatre, Susan’s training sessions are dynamic, fun, informative and targeted to the needs of her customer!

Eric Molin, Senior Instructor

Eric Molin (Vienna, Austria) is an international public speaking coach who has taught training programs and team building activities across Europe and the US for over a decade. He has trained over 3000 people coming from a wide range of professional backgrounds on how speak better in front of an audience with less anxiety, and clearly and confidently deliver a call to action which gets them the results they need.

Rebecca Rivas

Rebecca Rivas, Consultant/Instructor

Rebecca Rivas (Dallas) learned the value of leadership as a four-year NCAA scholarship athlete. Her non-nonsense style, humor, and enthusiasm allows her to corral even the toughest audiences with a smile.

Colleen Staneart

Colleen Staneart, Consultant/Instructor

Colleen Staneart (Dallas) began her career as an entrepreneur when she started her first company, May Array, LLC, while still in High School. She started as an intern with The Leaders Institute while still in college and has since become one of our top consultants and very popular instructor.

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