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Looking for a Team Obstacle Course? The aMAZEing Builders Team Building Event is our newest philanthropic team-building activity, and it is quickly becoming very popular with some of our best clients. One of the best parts about the aMAZEing Builders activity is that you choose what charity you want to benfit and then you choose what charity items get donated!

So far, we have donated dollhouses, school supply backpacks, non-perishable food items, pet supplies for service animals. You are only limited by your imagination!

aMAZEing Builders – The Ultimate Team Maze Escape Challenge

The aMAZEing Builders Team Building Obstacle Course Events are high energy events filled with the thrill of competition. The biggest benefit of this event is that you can completely customize it.

We have done everything from putting together backpacks for children in foster care, pet supplies for veterans who are getting a service dog, care packages for deployed soldiers, and household items for families staying at Ronald McDonald houses. We can also customize the event to fit any time frame.

A group participating in a team building event featuring a obstacle course.
A corporate team participating in a maze actiivity.

Group Maze Events are aMAZEing for Team Building

The biggest challenge during the aMAZEing Builders event is that, when blindfolded, it becomes more difficult to understand which of your coworkers are directing you and which are directing other teams. As participants navigate the course, they will first be directed to pick up items strewn throughout the obstacles.

Then they will have to get out of the course without stepping on any mines. Finally, these items can be supplies for animal shelters, school items and backpacks for kids, or care-packages for soldiers. The great thing about this event is that it is fully customizable. Pick a charity and pick items to be donated, and we build the event around the donations.

Read this for proof of why an obstacle team building event is pefect for team building!

Recent Reviews

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by Rebecca Weinberg on aMAZEing Builders

This was an amazing team building experience for our office!

by Megan Morris on aMAZEing Builders

Overall, the aMAZEing Builders activity was great! Our instructor did a great job facilitating it!

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Corporate group working together to solve a team challenge.

Create an Emotional Ending with a Unique Charity

If you want your aMAZEing Builders event to end with a bang, you can choose to donate the items to a unique charity. Two of our favorite charities are the Seeing Eye ® organization and local foster families who need school supplies.

Keep in mind that the needs of these organizations are unique, so the investment maybe a little more for these activities. In addition, some cities won’t have local chapters. However, if you’d like to work with these, or any other specific charity, just let us know. We will make every effort to work with your choice of organizations.