Over one hundred Medtronic employees took part in the Build-A-Bike ® team building event ® in Los Angeles California to improve their teamwork by breaking down traditional hierarchical walls. While all the employees were from the same location they came from many different departments within the company from engineers to management. Medtronic is adopting a new way of incorporating teamwork in all aspects of their business. They recently adopted an operator led process control system which empowers line operators to take ownership of their equipment and processes and take a more active role in problem solving within a team environment. Build-A-Bike ® was the perfect way for Medtronic to kick off this new way of doing things.

The teamwork and leadership skills training event encouraged employees to work together and also find unique solutions to the puzzles and challenges of the event. This reinforced Medtronics own message that each employee is an important member of the overall team regardless of their title or department. When the teams worked together on solving the challenges sometimes a fresh set of eyes on the problem brought forth new answers. All the employees had a great time working through the event while building stronger teamwork within their company. The event definitely got everyone mixing and working together to begin to break down those barriers.

Medtronic’s vision is “We produce zero defect products with customer-focused, talented teams who we train to gain clarity and focus through effective problem solving.” This team activity provided both a training ground to improve communication and a concrete example of how working together benefits the company overall. The teams constructed thirty zero defect bicycles that were presented to a representative of the Boys and Girls Club of West Valley.

Thank you to Medtronics for hosting this event and allowing us to help usher in a new brand of team culture for your organization.

For more information, visit: Bicycle Team Building