Three hundred employees from the Dairy Farmer’s of America gathered together in St. Louis, Missouri for a Build-A-Bike ® team building event. The participants were the board members, the elected officials of the association, as well as the employees of the association who are from regional offices all over the country.  The Build-A-Bike ® was part of their annual meeting held in different cities every year.  Every year the DFA finds a way to give back to the community.  Last year they spent an entire day cleaning up in the Ninth ward in New Orleans.  This year they had a limited amount of time but wanted to have just as big of an impact.  They decided on a Build a Bike and to build some bikes for local children in St. Louis.

Even dairy farmer’s have a competitive streak as demonstrated by the ones participating in this event.  When told this was not a competition they heartily defied this comment with great laughter.  That dairy farmer’s are out with cows all day is a misperception.  Today, dairy farmer’s are in the office as much as they may be out in the field so learning team building skills can benefit them greatly.  While dairy practices have modernized over the years, they still have the same goals to provide a safe, dependable, quality food product while maintaining a profitable business.  The dairy farmer’s brought this same passion and commitment to the Build a Bike event.  They cheered their hearts out and worked together to complete the puzzles to build 50 bikes in all. Not only did they build the bikes, they had fun and learned some new skill. All together, it was a good day.

The very happy recipients of these 50 bikes was the Boys and Girls Club of St. Louis.  The children arrived to 300 adults eager to meet them and give them their brand new Huffy bikes. They filed in to claim a bike of their own, along with a helmut and a bag of goodies from the association.  Not to mention a snack of milk,  cheese and yogurt.  It was a very good day for these children as well as the association who were able to give some of these children their first bikes.  We can’t wait to see what they do next year!