Indoor Scavenger Hunt

We have to admit that the Museum Quest is one of my favorite team building activities. It has all of the fun and camaraderie building aspects of a traditional scavenger hunt, but the activities are in a confined area and indoors. This means you don’t have to have a weather-related back-up plan. Another great advantage to this type of program is that every city has one to dozens of different museums, so the options are endless.


What Happens During The Scavenger Hunt?

Want to channel your inner Indiana Jones? If you love history and adventure, then the Museum Quest is perfect for your group! The Museum Quest team scavenger hunt is a version of the Camaraderie Quest that allows your team to complete their treasure hunt without having to deal with the hot or cold temperatures outside. First, the teams are given an iPad with a custom designed team treasure hunt. Next, they go through the museum completing tasks and taking proof of them completing tasks. Finally, at the very end teams will turn in the iPads and judges will review everyones pictures and videos to decalre a winner. We usually put together a string of photos and pictures so that everyone can see what other teams did and enjoy some laughs.

 Museum Quest Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts like the Museum Quests are designed to fit a 2.5 hour time frame, which is composed of a short introduction, two 45-minute quests, and a 30-minute debrief and slideshow. Becuase most museums do not have a location for an introduction and ending slideshow we often conduct this portion in a 2 hour limit and offer 15 minutes before and after to come back together and wrap up.
* All activities in this event are low impact, so it is suitable for all physical abilities, but you might look at shortening the outdoor time if the weather is very hot or cold.

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