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Leadership Skills and People Skills to Build a Team Environment

Below is a list of leadership skills and people skills that can be used to help you build stronger relationships and more of a team environment in the workplace. Below are three Human Incites (People Skills) that, when you understand them, will help you build trust and rapport more easily and resolve conflicts. In addition, […]


Below are a few leadership and entrepreneur self-help articles from instructors and experts at The Leader’s Institute ®. The articles are listed randomly, so just refresh the page to see a new list or use the search bar in the top corner of the page to find articles about specific topics that you are interested […]

Developing Efficient Meetings

How would you describe meetings you have attended in the past? Last Tuesday, I was facilitating a workshop on how to facilitate more successful meetings, and to start things off, I asked the group that very question. The answers that they provided were very similar to answers that I have received from hundreds of workshop […]

Meeting Tips

The Ten Commandments for Conducting Meetings Thou shalt not meet if the matter can be resolved by other means Thou shalt make purpose known to those thou summonest Thou shalt summon only those whose presence is needful Thou shalt start at the time announced Thou shalt not run beyond Thou shalt not wander to other […]

How to Remember Names

Have you ever been in one of those situations where you run into someone that you have met before and can’t remember that person’s name? It can be an awkward situation for both you and the other person. When we remember someone, we’re telling him, “You’re important.” Therefore, when we forget a person, we may […]

Leadership Skill Development Leads to Success

This is a new video by Doug Staneart on how Leadership Skill Development Leads to Success. I’ve been teaching leadership training for almost 20 years, and since I started my first coaching session, I’ve been asking groups a single question — “What are the characteristics that successful people possess that ‘less than successful people’ lack?” […]

Video-Just Do It Later and Missed Opportunities

) Video of Doug Staneart, CEO of The Leader’s Institute, in Jamaica talking about the difference between missed opportunities and capitalizing on opportunities when they first appear to increase your success. Below is a transcript of the video. Hey everybody, this is Doug Staneart with The Leader’s Institute, and I’m in Falmouth, Jamaica today. One […]

Video-Make What You Love Your Career for Success

In this success video, The Leader’s Institute CEO, Doug Staneart, talks about how the most successful people in the world are those who find something that they love to do and then make that their career. Transcript: Hi, this is Doug Staneart with another leadership tip from The Leader’s Institute®. The old saying is that, […]

Traits That Successful People Possess

Have you ever met a successful person, or admired someone from afar, whom inspired you to get where you are today? Successful people seem to possess the sort of luck that other people do not have the good fortune to have.  That is how it can look if you watch tv or read any magazines […]

Different Leadership Styles: What Suits Your Workplace?

So you just got promoted to a managerial or supervisory post. After celebrating with your friends and colleagues what’s next?  Along with power comes great responsibility.  This means that you need to live up not only to the prestige but with the demands of the position you are now holding.  As a leader you are […]