Crazy Handshakes: Quick Meeting Icebreaker for Groups [Video]

Doug Staneart  |  March 24, 2024

Crazy Handshakes Quick Meeting Icebreaker for Stoic Groups Looking for a quick meeting icebreaker that will get the whole group active and laughing with each other? Try Crazy Handshakes.

Crazy handshakes is a very simple, easy to deliver icebreaker that you can use to open a team meeting. This activity works best for groups that are meeting in person for the first time or for remote teams who only interact in-person once or twice a year.

The Rules of the Crazy Handshake Team Icebreaker.

The rules are simple. The facilitator will show the group a “secret handshake.” (Start with something simple.) You could start with just a normal, everyday business handshake. Or, start with a fist bump or high five.

After demonstrating the Secret Handshake to the group, have everyone use the secret handshake with four people in the group.

Give everyone time to find four hand shakers. Then, add an additional activity to the original handshake. For instance, if you started with a high five, add a low five.

Have the group use this new version of the handshake for four people as well.

Finally, add a third part to the secret handshake. Perhaps add a sound or a head movement after the second part.

Have the group use this final version with four people as well.

As the participants make there way from one person to the next, you’ll hear lots of laughter. This activity is a great way to get the people in the meeting up and moving around.

Uses for the Crazy Handshakes Meeting Icebreaker.

For a list of other Sample Team Icebreakers, click this link. Or, if you are having trouble choosing, see How to Choose an Icebreaker for Your Meeting.

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