Berwick Insurance Group’s Build-A-Bike® Event Near Phoenix, AZ

Chad Davis  |  February 24, 2024
Berwick Insurance Group's Build-A-Bike® Event Near Phoenix, AZ

The Berwick Insurance Group celebrated its year-end holiday gathering with a Build-A-Bike® charity event in Tucson, AZ. This special event brought together 60 of the company’s top insurance sales representatives. This occasion was designed to reward the team for their exceptional performance over the year.

Berwick Insurance Group stands out in the Senior Products Industry. They’re a National Marketing Organization renowned for professionalism, ambition, and enjoyable work environment. The company is dedicated to building strong relationships, understanding the unique needs of each business partner, and providing a perfect blend of mentorship and support. Their commitment to integrity, accessibility, and support for their agents and agencies distinguishes them in their field.

Berwick Insurance Group’s Festive Build-A-Bike® Gathering Near Phoenix, Arizona

The event at the Western-themed amusement park provided a fun and engaging backdrop for Berwick’s insurance sales representatives. This Build-A-Bike® activity was not just a celebration, however. It was also an opportunity for team members to collaborate, strengthen bonds, and reflect on the year’s successes. Both Randy and Ryan, leaders within the company, actively participated, emphasizing the event’s significance in appreciating and motivating their workforce.

As the representatives assembled bikes, the atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose. The event culminated in the donation of these bicycles to Child and Family Resources, a local charity. This gesture not only served as a reward for the team’s hard work. It also highlighted Berwick Insurance Group’s commitment to giving back to the community. The choice of this meaningful activity for their end-of-year celebration reinforced the company’s values of teamwork, community involvement, and recognition of employee efforts.

A heartfelt thank you to the Berwick Insurance Group for their significant contribution to Child and Family Resources. Your dedication to community service and team-building is truly commendable.

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