Personify Build-A-Bike® Event in Atlanta, GA

Chad Davis  |  April 3, 2024
Personify Build-A-Bike® Event in Atlanta, GA

Personify Corporation recently held its annual sales kickoff with a Build-A-Bike® charity event at its office in Atlanta, GA. 45 team members came together for an event that perfectly encapsulated Personify’s commitment to fostering community, teamwork, and philanthropy. The event, benefiting the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, was themed “Gear up for Success: One Revolution at a Time.” It reflected the company’s ethos of gradual progress and collective effort towards achieving goals.

Personify’s platform and services are designed to support organizations at every stage of their journey. They offer integrated solutions that empower clients to build reliable revenue streams and succeed with the backing of a dedicated partner. This ethos of support and partnership was mirrored in the event’s focus on team building and giving back to the community. Overall, it aligned with Personify’s mission to bring people and ideas together for a greater cause.

Personify Corporation Unites for Build-A-Bike® in Atlanta, Georgia

The Build-A-Bike® event served as a dynamic kick-off to the year. All in all, they emphasized the importance of collaboration and mutual support among the Personify team. While many participants were already acquainted, the event also offered a warm environment for those meeting in person for the first time. This contributed to fostering new connections and strengthening the team’s bond. The activity of building bikes for children in need provided a hands-on experience that not only enhanced team dynamics. It also resonated with Personify’s core values of community service and impactful technology solutions.

Contributing to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, the Personify team demonstrated their commitment to making a difference in the lives of those in their community. This gesture of donating bikes goes beyond a mere act of charity, however. It symbolizes mobility, freedom, and the joy of childhood, aligning with Personify’s vision of empowering organizations and individuals to achieve their potential.

We express our deepest appreciation to Personify for their meaningful contribution to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter. We also thank them for embodying the principles of teamwork, innovation, and community support. The success of the Build-A-Bike® event is a testament to the positive impact that companies can have when they align their team-building activities with their values and the needs of the community.

Is your team looking for an engaging and impactful way to strengthen bonds and give back? Explore the potential of a Build-A-Bike® charity team building event in Atlanta, GA!

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