Brown-Forman Corporation Build-A-Bike® Event Near Los Angeles, CA

Chad Davis  |  March 27, 2024

Brown-Forman Corporation Build-A-Bike® Event Near Los Angeles, CA

In a remarkable display of teamwork and community support, the Brown-Forman Corporation hosted a Build-A-Bike® charity team building event. It took place at the stunning Pelican Hill Resort and Spa in Newport Coast, CA. This event saw 100 participants from across the country come together for a national conference. All in all, the team had a blast dedicating their time and effort to build bicycles for children of the Lakewood Family YMCA.

Brown-Forman Corporation, a steward of enriching life experiences through its fine quality beverage alcohol brands, has a rich history extending over 150 years. With a portfolio boasting names like Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Woodford Reserve, and Herradura, among others, Brown-Forman’s global presence is underpinned by approximately 5,600 dedicated employees. Their brands are celebrated and distributed in more than 170 countries around the world, making Brown-Forman a significant player in the beverage alcohol industry.

Brown-Forman Employees Unite for Charitable Cause at Build-A-Bike® Event Near Los Angeles, California

Participants were eager to engage in an activity that contributed positively to the community. The setting of the Pelican Hill Resort and Spa, with its breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, served as the perfect backdrop for an event focused on collaboration, leadership, and giving back.

The instructors divided the participant into teams and challenged them to assemble bicycles for donation. The activity was not only a fun test of teamwork and communication, however. It was also a heartwarming opportunity to make a meaningful difference. They donated the assembled bikes to the Lakewood Family YMCA. This YMCA’s membership has notably doubled since the Covid pandemic began, highlighting the increasing need for community support and resources.

The donation was met with immense gratitude from the YMCA. It symbolized a beacon of hope and joy for many children and families within the community. This act of generosity underscores Brown-Forman’s commitment to nurturing a culture of giving and compassion amongst its employees.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Brown-Forman Corporation for their significant contribution to the Lakewood Family YMCA. Additionally, we thank them for embodying the spirit of community and philanthropy. The impact of this event reaches beyond the joy of riding a new bike. It represents the powerful ripple effect of collective action and the strengthening of community bonds.

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