Capri Cosmetology Learning Center’s Rescue Bear® Event Near New York City, NY

Chad Davis  |  December 1, 2023
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Capri Cosmetology Learning Center's Rescue Bear® Event in Newburgh, NY Capri Cosmetology Learning Center recently hosted a Rescue Bear® event in Newburgh, NY. Attended by 50 enthusiastic participants, the event combined training and team-building with a charitable cause. This gathering was particularly significant, as it provided an opportunity for participants to learn more about each other. It also taught the importance of personality types, which is essential for those in their customer-facing profession.

Capri Cosmetology Learning Centers are dedicated to the success of their students. They offer comprehensive training in hairdressing, cosmetology, esthetics, and makeup. Their approach goes beyond basic education, including guest speakers, advanced classes, and hands-on experience in a student salon and spa. Licensed instructors at Capri guide students in preparing for a successful career in the beauty industry.

Capri Cosmetology Learning Center Embraces Team Building and Charity at Rescue Bear® Event Near New York City, New York

The Rescue Bear® event at Capri Cosmetology Learning Center was a blend of fun, learning, and social interaction. Participants, all from the beauty industry, were there for training and to learn about the business aspects of their field. The event served as a platform for team members to understand the significance of personality types in their profession, a critical skill for beauty professionals who spend hours interacting with clients.

All in all, the highlight of the event was the evident enthusiasm for learning and collaboration among the participants. Many expressed a keen interest in resources and information about personality types, underlining the relevance of such knowledge in their field. The team building activity culminated in creating teddy bears for the Child Rescue Coalition, aligning with Capri’s commitment to community service and adding a meaningful dimension to their training program.

We are extremely grateful to Capri Cosmetology Learning Center for their vibrant participation and contribution to the Child Rescue Coalition. Your commitment to combining professional development with community service is commendable.

Looking for an engaging team-building event that combines learning with charity? Join us for a Rescue Bear® team building event in New York City, NY, and experience the joy of giving back while strengthening your team!

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