Clearway Energy Group’s Build-A-Bike® Event Near Phoenix, AZ

Chad Davis  |  February 12, 2024
Clearway Energy Group's Build-A-Bike® Event Near Phoenix, AZ

Clearway Energy Group recently integrated team building with social responsibility during their year-end meetings in Scottsdale, Arizona. 30 of Clearway’s leaders convened for a Build-A-Bike® event. The event culminated in the donation of four bicycles to the YMCA of Paradise Valley. This event underscored Clearway’s commitment to community engagement and sustainability. Thus, aligning with their mission to power the world with clean energy.

Clearway Energy, Inc. boasts over 8 gigawatts of renewable and conventional energy assets nationwide. They’re at the forefront of developing new renewable energy projects, with 7 gigawatts of operational wind, solar, and energy storage assets. These efforts significantly contribute to reducing carbon emissions, offsetting more than 10.5 million metric tons of carbon emissions for their customers.

Clearway Energy Group Unites for Build-A-Bike® Near Phoenix, Arizona

The event at Hotel Adeline brought together Clearway’s leadership from across the United States. The successful gathering demonstrated that they value teamwork and collective action towards a common goal. The assembly of bicycles was not just an exercise in team building, however. It was also a gesture of giving back to the community, with the bikes being donated to the YMCA of Paradise Valley. This act of kindness will bring joy and mobility to children in need, showcasing Clearway’s dedication to enriching communities alongside their environmental initiatives.

The choice of the Build-A-Bike® event reflects Clearway’s innovative approach to team building — combining fun, collaboration, and philanthropy. It highlights the company’s values of leadership, community engagement, and sustainability, further establishing Clearway as a leader not just in the clean energy industry but also in corporate social responsibility.

We express our heartfelt appreciation to Clearway Energy Group for their generous donation and commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of young people through the YMCA of Paradise Valley. This event is a testament to the power of teamwork and the difference that corporate entities can make in their communities.

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