KleenMark’s Thanksgiving Build-A-Bike® Event in Madison, WI

Chad Davis  |  January 10, 2024

KleenMark's Thanksgiving Build-A-Bike® Event in Madison, WI KleenMark organized a Build-A-Bike® event at their headquarters in Madison, WI. This event saw the participation of 55 staff members, all keen on giving back to the community. The beneficiary of this heartwarming gesture was the Boys and Girls Club, which received 8 bikes from the event.

KleenMark, a family-owned business headquartered in Madison for over six decades, stands as one of Dane County’s largest employers. It has been recognized for its excellence in cleaning, sustainability, and management. As a local distributor and service provider for top janitorial brands like Tennant®, Windsor Kärcher, 3M™, and Triple S®, KleenMark has established itself as a leader in its field.

KleenMark’s Team Spirit Shines in Build-A-Bike® Event in Madison, Wisconsin

The Build-A-Bike® event at KleenMark was not just a display of team-building. Overall, it was a reflection of the company’s deep-rooted values of community service and gratitude. The event brought together staff members from various departments, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration. This gathering was particularly significant. All in all, the team’s desire was to celebrate Thanksgiving in a meaningful way. And that was none other than by giving back to those in need in their community.

The joy and excitement of the KleenMark team were evident as they engaged in the team-building activities, culminating in the assembly and donation of 8 bikes to the Boys and Girls Club. This act of kindness resonated deeply with the spirit of Thanksgiving, highlighting KleenMark’s commitment to community involvement and social responsibility. The Boys and Girls Club, known for empowering young people, was the ideal recipient of this generosity, ensuring that the impact of the event extended beyond the day.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the team at KleenMark for their enthusiastic participation and generous spirit. Their contribution to the Boys and Girls Club is a wonderful example of how businesses can positively impact their communities. We also commend the Boys and Girls Club for their continued dedication to youth development and community support.

Inspire your team this Thanksgiving with a team building event in Madison, WI, and join companies like KleenMark in making a difference in your community!

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