Forté Charade Murder Mystery Event in Austin, TX

Chad Davis  |  January 11, 2024
Forté Charade Murder Mystery Event in Austin, TX

Forté recently held a Charade Murder Mystery team building event at the South Congress Hotel in Austin, Texas. Overall, the team brought a dynamic group of 34 members from across the United States. Their aim was to enhance team bonding and leadership skills in an engaging and innovative way. This event was particularly special, as it followed the success of their Build-A-Bike® event two years prior.

Forté is a community that opens doors for those identifying as women, helping them reimagine their achievements in business. From initiating first jobs to progressing to the C-suite, Forté’s alliance of talented women, influential companies, leading schools, and pioneering donors play a crucial role in empowering women. They change career trajectories, earning power, and lives through business education, role models, professional networks, and leadership training. Forté is instrumental in building the credibility, skills, network, and confidence women need to thrive as leaders.

Forté members unravel a Charade Murder Mystery in Austin, Texas

The Charade Murder Mystery event was an exciting opportunity for Forté members to strengthen their problem-solving and teamwork skills. Set in the vibrant South Congress Hotel, the members were immediately immersed in a thrilling narrative where one team member was ‘murdered’, and the rest were cast as witnesses or suspects. The game’s intricate design required participants to collaborate closely, discuss strategies, and leverage their diverse strengths to solve the mystery. Despite their enthusiasm and collaborative effort, the team faced a challenging twist – they did not catch the killer. However, this added an element of fun and unpredictability to the experience.

Event activities focused on enhancing communication, critical thinking, and leadership skills. Teams worked diligently to piece together clues and interrogate suspects. The interactive nature of the game fostered a sense of unity and engagement among the members, many of whom were meeting for the first time or reconnecting after long periods. The event’s structure allowed participants to explore different roles, from analytical thinkers to creative problem solvers, highlighting the diverse talents within the Forté community.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Forté for their enthusiastic participation in our Charade Murder Mystery event. Although no charity was directly involved this time, the spirit of collaboration and empowerment echoed the charitable essence of Forté’s mission in supporting and uplifting women in the business world.

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