The Resource Group, LLC Rescue Bear® Event in Atlanta, GA

Chad Davis  |  October 13, 2023

The Resource Group, LLC convened for a Rescue Bear® team building event in Atlanta, GA. With a select group of 30 leaders, the event was envisioned as a fresh start. It was primarily aimed at fostering unity and resilience amidst a year filled with challenges. The majority of participants, while acquainted, mostly operated remotely from various locations. Now faced with a shift in roles and responsibilities, this gathering marked a significant step in bolstering team morale and mutual understanding.

The Resource Group, LLC stands as a beacon in the field of business transformation services. With a specialization in non-payroll spend management, the organization ensures that the value delivered is sustainable and efficient. They’ve established themselves as the second largest, and highly efficient, resource and supply management organization in healthcare delivery. Their ethos revolves around lowering healthcare costs without compromising quality, made possible through ongoing innovation and a commitment to service par excellence.

The Resource Group Leaders Connect at Rescue Bear® Event in Atlanta, Georgia

The Rescue Bear® event emerged as a much-needed bonding experience for The Resource Group leaders. The transformative nature of their roles – moving from analysts to taking on unfamiliar responsibilities – had brought its share of uncertainties. However, amidst the day’s challenges, they found a space to reconnect, understand, and appreciate the skills and strengths of their peers. The event’s setting in Atlanta added to the charm, offering a backdrop of rejuvenation and revitalization.

In collaboration with the Dream Weavers of Georgia charity, the team’s determination shone through as they engaged in challenges to earn materials for creating bears. These bears, destined to comfort children who have experienced trauma, became symbols of hope and resilience. In the process of building them, The Resource Group’s leadership understood the importance of unity and collaboration in challenging times. Their collective efforts not only boosted their morale but also contributed significantly to a noble cause.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to The Resource Group, LLC. Their significant contribution towards bringing comfort to children in challenging circumstances is commendable. Our gratitude also goes out to Dream Weavers of Georgia for their unwavering commitment to the cause.

Has remote working spread your team members across different locations? Bring them together with a fulfilling team-building event in Atlanta, GA!

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