Roche Molecular Build-A-Bike Team Building Event near San Francisco

Build-A-Bike ®


Roche Molecular has a long history of charitable work so they were very excited to take part in the Build-A-Bike Team Building event at their headquarters outside of San Francisco, California near Oakland. The medical research company participates in several charitable projects for the benefit of both local communities and underdeveloped countries worldwide. 100 Roche Molecular employees gathered at their main facility to have fun and grow as a company while giving back to their local community with the Build-A-Bike ® team building workshop.

The Roche employees were a cooperative group throughout the entire event. Clearly they already had a great team environment.  Despite their commitment to working together the human nature of competition is inevitable when people get together and try to “win”. The Roche Molecular employees worked well to overcome the challenges presented to them and succeeded in completing the tasks to build bicycles for less fortunate children. Their solid leadership skills, teamwork and commitment to giving back to their community helped the teams to complete 16 bikes that they presented to the San Leandro Boys and Girls Club. Even though Roche Molecular contributes to many worldwide charities there was something special about being able to see how their efforts were benefiting others.  And the 16 lucky boys and girls who got the bikes will never forget the day a group of medical researchers got together and solved puzzles and challenges in order to build brand new bikes for them.

Roche Molecular had a great day of fun, learning and giving back to their community. The team building event helped reinforce their already strong ties and leadership skills. Thanks to Roche Molecular for taking part in the Build-A-Bike Team Building event and for making an impact on not only 16 young people’s lives but also setting a great example for others to follow.

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