ServiceNow Build-A-Bike® Event in Las Vegas, NV

Chad Davis  |  November 2, 2023
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ServiceNow Build-A-BikeServiceNow chose to wrap up their week-long conference in Las Vegas by giving back to the community. Attending a Build-A-Bike® event at the MGM Signature, 50 devoted members of the ServiceNow team came together early on the final day. Their collective mission? To assemble bikes for donation to the Pearson Community Center.

ServiceNow is revolutionizing the way organizations operate. Through their cloud-based platform, they are reimagining the future of work, enabling businesses to digitize and unify their operations. This leads to more connected, innovative, and agile environments where employees and customers alike can thrive. With ServiceNow, the world doesn’t just work; it works better.

ServiceNow Team Rises Early for Charitable Endeavor in Las Vegas, Nevada

While the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas strip might be a distraction for many, the ServiceNow team showcased their unwavering commitment to the community. Despite it being the tail-end of a week-long conference, and with an early start time of 8 am, this enthusiastic group was undeterred. They poured in their energy and dedication, ensuring the event was a resounding success.

Their efforts produced a set of newly assembled bikes, ready for donation to the Pearson Community Center. The Pearson Community Center, known for its community outreach, rejoiced at the generous contribution from ServiceNow. This donation symbolized more than just bikes; it represented hope, care, and the spirit of giving back to those in need.

A huge thank you to the ServiceNow team for their commendable commitment and generous donation. We also express our gratitude to the Pearson Community Center for their invaluable efforts in the Las Vegas community.

Energize your corporate team building events in Las Vegas, NV with a touch of charity and team spirit! Reach out to us for a team-building event that leaves a lasting impact.

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