Pahlisch Homes’ Build-A-Bike® Event Near Portland, OR

Chad Davis  |  January 20, 2024
Pahlisch Homes' Build-A-Bike® Event Near Portland, OR

Pahlisch Homes recently gathered its employees from various departments for a Build-A-Bike® event in Bend, Oregon. This gathering was not just a team-building activity, however. It was also a charitable initiative, with employees assembling 20 bicycles for donation to The Giving Plate.

Pahlisch Homes has grown into a respected name in homebuilding across the Northwestern United States. Now operating in multiple states, Pahlisch Homes is committed to creating well-planned neighborhoods and providing exceptional customer care. Overall, their mission is ensuring homeowners enjoy a seamless and enjoyable experience from the first visit through move-in and beyond.

Pahlisch Homes Builds Community Spirit Near Portland, Oregon

All in all, the event was a testament to Pahlisch Homes’ commitment to team-building and community service. Bringing together employees from across the company, the event was a unique platform for staff from different departments. It allowed them to connect and collaborate outside of their usual work environment. This team-building exercise was a reflection of the company’s ethos: to build not just homes but communities, fostering a sense of unity and cooperation among its workforce.

The highlight of the event was the assembly of 20 bicycles, an activity that required teamwork, communication, and a shared sense of purpose. The completed bikes were donated to The Giving Plate, a local organization dedicated to supporting families in need. This contribution was particularly meaningful as it directly benefited the local community, aligning with Pahlisch Homes’ long-standing commitment to enhancing the lives of those in the neighborhoods they build. The event was not only enjoyable but also left a lasting impact, both on the employees involved and the families who received the bicycles.

We are immensely grateful to Pahlisch Homes for their enthusiastic participation and generous donation to The Giving Plate. Your dedication to building community connections and supporting local families is truly admirable.

Bring your team together for a memorable and meaningful experience with our team building events in Portland, OR. Join us in making a difference in your community!

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