Tensar International Corporation Build-A-Bike® Event in Detroit, MI

Chad Davis  |  October 6, 2023

Tensar International Corporation assembled their sales engineers for a notable Build-A-Bike® event in Detroit, MI. This event, encompassing 130 participants, wasn’t just about strengthening team ties. It was also about embodying the company’s core belief: that innovation not only yields excellence but also extends to meaningful community engagement.

Tensar takes immense pride in their steadfast dedication to scientific research and technical innovation. As global trailblazers in value-engineered systems incorporating Tensar geogrids, their expertise spans ground stabilization, pavement, and soil reinforcement. With a suite of patented geogrids and erosion control products, they are constantly on the path of innovation. Additionally, they cater to a wide spectrum of markets, from commercial and residential to industrial and transportation. Tensar International Corporation is emblematic of commitment, seen in their substantial investments in R&D, engineering, and manufacturing. Furthermore, they provide an array of support services, epitomizing their mission of delivering cost-effective and enduring solutions.

Tensar Engineers Bond over Build-A-Bike® Initiative in Detroit, Michigan

At the renowned Fort Pontchartrain Detroit Hotel, Tensar’s sales engineers congregated, taking a break from their routine to focus on collaborative efforts. This assembly was not just another offsite meeting. It was an opportunity for the engineers to experience hands-on teamwork outside their regular domain, emphasizing Tensar’s ethos of innovation, collaboration, and community service.

As the sales engineers delved into the Build-A-Bike® activities, their collective goal was clear: to craft bikes for a cause. Their enthusiasm, coupled with their engineering minds, made the event both competitive and heartwarming. By its conclusion, a fleet of bikes stood ready, set to bring joy and utility to the BGC of Southeastern MI, a charity deeply rooted in community service and youth development.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to Tensar International Corporation for exemplifying how professional expertise can seamlessly blend with community service. A special mention to the BGC of Southeastern Michigan for their relentless work in making a difference in the lives of many.

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