Databricks’ Build-A-Bike® Event in Chicago, IL

Chad Davis  |  October 5, 2023

Databricks organized a special Build-A-Bike® event in Chicago, IL. The event saw the participation of 97 senior leaders from the company. They came together not just for training but to embrace the spirit of community service. All in all, the grand finale of their sessions focused on team building with an emphasis on giving back.

Databricks established itself in 2013 with its academic and open-source origins. Standing out as the world’s first and sole lakehouse platform in the cloud, Databricks seamlessly marries the strengths of data warehouses with data lakes. This unity results in an open platform that caters comprehensively to data and AI needs.

Databricks’ Senior Leadership Teams Up for Build-A-Bike® in Chicago, Illinois

In the bustling heart of Chicago, senior leaders of Databricks converged for intensive training sessions. These sessions were an amalgamation of learning, bonding, and understanding the company’s core values. The cherry on top was the Build-A-Bike® event, which seamlessly blended the ethos of team building with community service. It ensured that the leaders took in all their training insights while also experiencing the joy of giving back.

As the team-building activity progressed, the spirit of camaraderie was palpable. The leaders were immersed in assembling bikes, each movement echoing their commitment to the community. Their collective endeavor culminated in several bicycles, ready to be handed over to YMCA, reflecting Databricks’ inherent principle of fostering community development. Additionally, YMCA’s role in serving the community found a synergistic partner in Databricks’ initiative, making the event all the more special.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Databricks and their senior leadership for their generosity and commitment to the community. Kudos to YMCA for their unwavering dedication in serving communities, making such collaborations meaningful.

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