USAA Build-A-Bike in San Antonio, Texas

On September 27th 2012 USAA P&C Underwriting Department held a 3 hour event at their offices in San Antonio. USAA’s P&C Insurance Companies consistently earn the highest ratings from independent ratings agencies, consumer groups and research organizations for their financial strength and exceptional level of customer service. The event started with a 1 hour session in the 28 Leadership Principles. The break out session about the three levels of listening, Selective listeners, responsvie listeners and focused listeners, was a huge hit. Karen Meloni and her team were helpful making this event a success; they were the judges and took those roles seriously. Tracy, one of the judges was laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes.

The Build-A-Bike event teaches teamwork skills through a series of challenges which the teams are to complete. The tasks encourage the teams to think outside the box to come up with solutions. While they are learning to work efficiently as a team the USAA employees were also having fun. The overall lesson is that everyone works together to reach the same goal. In addition, it is not possible to start building your bike until everyone has their parts. This group was a little competitive so they asked for an additional bike and the first team to complete the first bike got to put another one together. They were very proud when they realized they put 2 bikes together in the same time and even before the other teams completed one bike. USAA chose the charity they wanted to donate the bikes to, Warrior and Family support in San Antonio. Judith Markelz was the representative that spoke at the end of the event with Michael Merwarth Sr. VP of P&C Underwriting.

Author: Abigail Orru, Date Published: December 24, 2012

Abigail Walsh is an instructor for The Leader's Institute ® based in the Dallas, Texas Region. She is a specialist in philanthropic team building as well as public speaking classes.

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