Bain+Co Build-A-Bike® Team Event in New Jersey

Courtney Stearns  |  July 22, 2022
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We had the enormous privilege of working with Bain and Company. No, literally, nearly our entire lot of instructors came together to help make this event possible. This large-scale event took over the Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg, New Jersey. Staff was everywhere!
Bain is a global management consulting firm. Offices across the country and abroad give their clients better access to achieve their goals. Over the past 14 years, Bain consistently earned Glassdoor’s top rankings as one of “Best Place to Work” (#3 in 2022). “Competitive for their clients, supportive of each other,” what a collaborative culture to be surrounded in! Their emphasis on teamwork brings an infectious energy into every client relationship. Not the mention the success they help their clients accomplish!

Company Rated “Best Place to Work” does Team Event

Bain + Co alloted 6 separate rooms for 6 teams. Each simultaneously executing our Build-A-Bike® team activity. The energy was palpable and the crowd went wild! Staff raced through the room in teams. Each attempting to complete their set of puzzles and clues before anyone else. With each correct answer earned a bike part. But, each wrong answer sent them back to the drawing board. Once the team obtained all four parts, assembly began! Bain ended their event by donating their bikes to the Greater Morristown YMCA.
Although large events usually create more stress, the attendees gave the same camaraderie and held the same energy throughout. The charitable ending was just the chef’s kiss to the day!

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