Bio-Techne Corporation Build-A-Bike® Event in Minneapolis, MN

Chad Davis  |  January 1, 2024
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Bio-Techne Corporation Build-A-Bike® Event in Minneapolis, MN Bio-Techne Corporation recently hosted a Build-A-Bike® event for 25 of its global leaders in Minneapolis, MN. This event was part of a week-long leadership development program. Overall, the event enhanced the skills of these leaders while also offering a heartwarming charitable experience. All in all, the event not only fostered team building and leadership growth, it also provided a unique opportunity. Namely, to make a direct impact on the local community!

Bio-Techne Corporation is a pivotal player in the scientific and medical research industry. They specialize in the development of essential research tools for proteins, antibodies, and diagnostic tests. Their products are instrumental in advancing the study of proteins and facilitating laboratory testing, with notable contributions in gene research and cancer diagnosis. With over 2,200 employees worldwide, Bio-Techne’s influence and contribution to healthcare and scientific discovery are substantial.

Bio-Techne Corporation Enhances Leadership and Community Impact in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bio-Techne brought together a select group of their leaders from around the world, as part of their intensive leadership training. The experience was filled with challenges that required creative problem-solving and teamwork, key skills for effective leadership. The event’s dynamic nature helped these leaders to adopt a more open-minded approach. In turn, helping to build stronger bonds with their international colleagues. It was an opportunity for them to step out of their routine professional roles. All in all, they were glad to engage in a hands-on, collaborative activity that emphasized the human aspect of leadership.

The highlight of the event was the donation of four newly assembled bicycles to the Boys and Girls Club – West End. This gesture was particularly meaningful for the participants, as it allowed them to see the direct impact of their efforts. One leader poignantly noted the contrast between their usual work, where the beneficiaries of their efforts are often unseen, and this event, where they could witness the joy their work brought to children. This experience not only enriched their leadership training but also underscored the importance of community involvement and the tangible benefits of corporate social responsibility.

A heartfelt thank you to the leadership team at Bio-Techne Corporation for their enthusiastic participation and the meaningful difference they made. Your dedication to leadership development and community engagement is truly inspiring.

Looking to enhance your team’s leadership skills while making a positive impact on the community? Join us for a Build-A-Bike® event in Minneapolis, MN, and experience the power of team building and giving back.

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