Citizens Financial Group Build-A-Bike® Event Near Boston, MA

Chad Davis  |  October 18, 2023
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Citizens Financial Group gathered 54 employees from across the country for their annual meeting. To top it all off, they partook in a fun Build-A-Bike® event, where they built bikes for charity. This engaging event intertwined teamwork with philanthropy, resulting in a day of connection, laughter, and benevolence.

Citizens Financial Group stands as one of the oldest financial services firms in the United States. With a rich history that spans nearly two centuries, the institution has been unwavering in its commitment to its clients. Whether it’s through their banking services or employment opportunities, Citizens showcases a culture deeply rooted in customer centricity. All in all, they’ve fostered an environment that’s both supportive and collaborative.

Citizens Financial Group Teams Up for Build-A-Bike® Experience Near Boston, Massachusetts

The gathering at Citizens Financial Group in Westwood was more than just another corporate event. The team journeyed from various parts of the US, and the atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm and anticipation. As the Build-A-Bike® event commenced, it became clear that this was a platform for them to break free from the usual formalities of annual meetings. With fun at the forefront, they collaborated, competed, and cheered each other on, making the experience memorable.

Beyond the fun and team bonding, there was a noble purpose guiding their actions – the opportunity to give back. Their collective efforts during the event resulted in several assembled bikes, which were joyfully donated to the Boys and Girls Club Taunton. This donation not only underscored Citizens Financial Group’s commitment to community involvement but also left an indelible mark of goodwill, demonstrating the power of corporate philanthropy.

A heartfelt thank you to Citizens Financial Group for seamlessly blending teamwork with charity, resulting in tangible benefits for the community. We’re also grateful to the Boys and Girls Club Taunton for their ongoing efforts to uplift and inspire young lives.

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