Kinevant Sciences Inc. Build-A-Bike® Event in New York, NY

Chad Davis  |  February 6, 2024
Kinevant Sciences Inc. Build-A-Bike® Event in New York, NY

Kinevant Sciences Inc. gathered for an inspiring Build-A-Bike® team building event in New York, NY. After a full day of meetings, the 22 employees of Kinevant Sciences shifted their focus towards a noble cause—building bikes to donate to children. This event not only served as a bridge to strengthen team bonds. Moreover, it underscored the company’s commitment to transforming lives. Not just through their high-impact medicines but through direct community engagement, as well.

Kinevant Sciences is dedicated to revolutionizing the treatment of rare inflammatory diseases with groundbreaking medicine. The term “Kine,” derived from Ancient Greek, signifies “to move” or “set in motion,” aptly reflecting the company’s mission to propel safe and accessible therapeutics forward. By marrying patient-forward thinking with scientific rigor and clinical excellence, Kinevant Sciences aims to dismantle the most entrenched barriers to treatment for underserved populations, delivering disease-modifying therapeutics that are both safe and readily available.

Kinevant Sciences Inc. Employees Rally for Build-A-Bike® Event in New York, New York

The Build-A-Bike® event was a perfect embodiment of Kinevant Sciences’ ethos of moving forward and making meaningful impacts. Post a comprehensive day of strategic meetings, the team transitioned to assembling bicycles—a task that not only facilitated team bonding but also aligned with their core mission of empowering individuals. This initiative, held in the heart of New York City, provided a hands-on opportunity for employees to contribute positively to the lives of children in need, echoing their daily efforts to empower patients to regain control of their health and lives.

Throughout the event, the spirit of collaboration and innovation was palpable, mirroring the company’s approach to overcoming challenges in the healthcare sector. The enthusiasm and teamwork displayed by the Kinevant Sciences employees were a testament to their collective commitment to making a difference, both in the realm of healthcare and in their local community.

By the event’s conclusion, the joy of creating something tangible for a good cause left a lasting impression on the participants. The bikes were donated to Operation Exodus, a charity dedicated to uplifting children, further extending the impact of the day’s efforts beyond the immediate team and into the wider community.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Kinevant Sciences for their commitment to transforming lives, not only through their innovative healthcare solutions but also through their active participation in community service. A special thank you to Operation Exodus for facilitating the donation and for their ongoing dedication to bettering the lives of children.

Looking to combine team building with community impact? Consider hosting a Build-A-Bike® team building event in New York, NY!

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