PGIM Real Estate Build-A-Bike Team Event New York, NY

Courtney Stearns  |  June 7, 2022

PGIM Real Estate Build-A-Bike New York, NY

PGIM Investors Build Bikes for Kids in Manhattan

We enjoyed spending time in the Big Apple with PGIM Real Estate. Their hearts were full after building and giving bikes to children. This was a very eager group of realtors. And, of course, they were all thrilled to be back together again in person after 2 years of doing Zoom meetings.

PGIM Investors have a global track record and local knowledge. Their expertise aids in creating a trusted and selective process to provide their clients success in attaining their goals. PGIM utilizes a robust ESG strategy to provide its stakeholders with better results. While risk management and investments aren’t my strong suit, PGIM has experts in commercial, multi-family, and agricultural assets. They recognize that each individual is unique. They also provide specialized knowledge for each of its patrons.

PGIM Real Estate Investors Build Teamwork While Doing Something Great for Their Community.

The eager energy of this group of realtors was immeasurable. After two years of zooming, PGIM Real Estate was anxious to get together and to give back. Chris McNeany loved leading the event. Each person was put into groups and given clues that allowed collaboration. Each time the team got a clue correct, they received a bike part. Once each team got their final part, they assembled the bicycles.

The group donated the bikes to a local charter school called KIPP Life Academy. KIPP Life was founded in 2014 by a former teacher from KIPP Spark Academy. The Academy offers a powerful academic and character-building program designed to close the opportunity gap by second grade and is responsible for Newark’s students of Bragaw Avenue School.

Their students deserve the best and can’t thank PGIM enough.

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