Akumin’s High-Energy Build-A-Bike® Event Near Miami, FL

Chad Davis  |  February 26, 2024
Akumin's High-Energy Build-A-Bike® Event Near Miami, FL

Akumin hosted a dynamic Build-A-Bike® charity event at their facility in Dania Beach, FL. Amidst a busy training day, 70 members of Akumin’s sales team participated in this fast-paced, one-hour team-building exercise. The event not only fostered teamwork and enthusiasm among the participants but also supported the Boys & Girls Club of Broward.

Akumin stands as a trusted partner for hospitals, health systems, and physician groups nationwide. They offer comprehensive solutions in radiology and oncology services. Their services span across 48 states, including fixed-site outpatient diagnostic imaging through a network of locations, and outpatient radiology and oncology services for approximately 1,000 hospitals and health systems. Akumin’s commitment to quality healthcare solutions is matched by their dedication to community involvement.

Akumin’s Energetic Build-A-Bike® Challenge Near Miami, Florida

The Build-A-Bike® event at Akumin was a whirlwind of energy and collaboration. It fit perfectly into the sales team’s intensive training schedule. Likewise, it provided a unique platform for team members to engage with each other outside their usual professional roles. The challenge encouraged them to communicate effectively and work together swiftly. Thus mirroring the high-energy and fast-paced environment they thrive in professionally.

Despite the time constraint, the enthusiasm and commitment of the Akumin team were evident as they assembled bicycles for the Boys & Girls Club of Broward. This act of charity was not only a team-building exercise but also a reflection of Akumin’s corporate social responsibility. The donation of bikes to the Boys & Girls Club, an organization dedicated to helping young people, resonated with Akumin’s own mission of supporting health and wellness in the community.

We sincerely thank the Akumin team for their energetic participation in the Build-A-Bike® event and their generous donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Broward. Your dedication to both team-building and community support is truly commendable.

Looking for a quick yet impactful team-building activity for your busy team? Explore our Build-A-Bike® charity events in Miami Beach, FL, and make a difference in just one hour!

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