Rollins, Inc., a premier provider of pest control services, attended a meaningful Build-A-Bike® event in Las Vegas, NV. The engaging activity involved their regional leadership team. After they successfully assembled bikes, the team donated them to deserving children from the Pearson Community Center.

Rollins, Inc. is a leading international company offering high-quality pest control services to commercial and residential customers across the globe. Through their prominent subsidiaries and franchises, they cater to 2.8 million customers. Customers all over the globe know them as Orkin and Critter Control.

Rollins, Inc. Builds Bikes for Charity in Las Vegas, Nevada

Rollins, Inc. regional leadership team gathered at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. The leadership team had a fun time working together, testing their teamwork and problem-solving skills. Naturally, there was a strong sense of competition, but the team never lost sight of their main goal: helping children in need. The Rollins team brought a strong sense of camaraderie and accomplishment to the event.

Ten kids from the Pearson Community Center were the lucky recipients of the bikes built by the Rollins team. The joy and excitement on their faces made the event even more rewarding for the team, reinforcing the positive impact of their team-building efforts on the local community.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Rollins, Inc.’s regional leadership team for their enthusiastic participation in the Build-A-Bike event. We also thank the Pearson Community Center for helping make this event truly impactful and memorable.

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