Turtle Wax Amazing Builders Event Near Chicago, IL

Chad Davis  |  January 12, 2024
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Turtle Wax Amazing Builders Event Near Chicago, IL

Turtle Wax recently organized an Amazing Builders event in Addison, Illinois. This event was not just a team-building exercise for the 50 participants. Additionally, it was a heartfelt tribute to a beloved employee, Linda, who was a dedicated dog lover. In her honor, Turtle Wax employees engaged in the aMAZEing Builders activity. For their donation, the team chose to assemble dog supplies for donation to the Buddy Foundation, a local dog shelter.

Turtle Wax prides itself on its dedicated team, driven by innovation and a commitment to creating state-of-the-art, user-friendly products. The company values its loyal fans worldwide, continually striving to meet their needs with high-quality products at great prices. This same dedication and value-driven approach were evident in the planning and execution of their team-building event.

Turtle Wax Team Embarks on a Compassionate Mission with Amazing Builders Near Chicago, Illinois

The Amazing Builders event was a unique blend of team building and charity work. Participants were divided into teams and navigated through an indoor obstacle course while blindfolded. Other team members guided the blindfolded participants, emphasizing trust, communication, and teamwork. Overall, the goal was to collect items for dog supply kits, resonating with the company’s tribute to their late colleague’s love for dogs.

The event was not only a testament to the team’s unity but also showcased Turtle Wax’s commitment to community involvement and charitable causes. The enthusiasm and camaraderie among the employees were palpable as they worked together to assemble the supply kits. Each completed kit meant more support for dogs in need, adding a layer of emotional significance to the team’s efforts.

The donation to the Buddy Foundation marked a successful conclusion to the event. Turtle Wax’s employees left with a sense of accomplishment, having made a positive impact in their community and honored the memory of their colleague. The joy and happiness their efforts brought to several dogs at the shelter were a fitting tribute to Linda’s love for animals.

We extend our deepest appreciation to Turtle Wax for their meaningful contribution to the Buddy Foundation and for embodying the spirit of teamwork and compassion. Their efforts not only strengthened their team bond but also made a significant difference in the lives of many dogs.

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