Fosun Pharma USA Build-A-Bike® Event in Philadelphia, PA

Chad Davis  |  February 22, 2024
Fosun Pharma USA Build-A-Bike® Event in Philadelphia, PA

Fosun Pharma USA recently held a Build-A-Bike® charity event at the Logan Hotel in Philadelphia, PA. The event brought together 58 of the company’s team members, showcasing their collaborative spirit and enthusiasm. The primary aim was to foster teamwork and community engagement, while supporting a local charity, RMH. The event was marked by high energy, with teams eagerly competing to solve puzzles and build bikes. Overall, it gave the company a chance to showcase their innovative and dynamic culture.

Established in 2017, Fosun Pharma USA is a key player in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry. They operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Shanghai-based Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd. Known for its entrepreneurial approach, Fosun Pharma USA excels in creating specialty pharmaceutical products, particularly injectables and ophthalmics. The company thrives on a unique research and development model and strategic partnerships, leveraging its global parent company’s resources. Led by a team of experienced executives with a robust track record in both U.S. and European pharmaceutical sectors, Fosun Pharma USA is committed to delivering innovative healthcare solutions.

Fosun Pharma USA’s Team Unites for a Charitable Build-A-Bike® Challenge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Build-A-Bike® event at Fosun Pharma USA was a vibrant display of the team’s cooperative and competitive spirit. Employees demonstrated their problem-solving skills and quick thinking as they raced to answer puzzles and construct bicycles. The event encapsulated the essence of Fosun Pharma USA’s commitment to innovation and teamwork. As participants worked together, they shared knowledge and strategies to ensure everyone could contribute effectively. This collaborative atmosphere is a mirror of the company’s approach to advancing healthcare through teamwork and shared expertise.

The event’s climax saw an overwhelming enthusiasm at the judges’ table, with the majority of participants eagerly waiting to have their answers reviewed. This high-spirited competition underscored the team’s dedication and energy. The event highlighted the charity aspect with a presentation from RMH, enlightening the team about the organization’s history. The successful bike assembly, followed by the insightful presentation, not only served as a team-building exercise but also reinforced Fosun Pharma USA’s commitment to community engagement and social responsibility.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the team at Fosun Pharma USA for their spirited participation and generous contribution to RMH. Your commitment to fostering team spirit and making a positive impact in the community is truly inspiring.

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