Panasonic USA’s Build-A-Bike® Event in Newark, NJ

Chad Davis  |  November 29, 2023
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Panasonic USA's Build-A-Bike® Event in Newark, NJ Panasonic Corporation of North America recently hosted a Build-A-Bike® event at its Newark, NJ, location. In total, the event was attended by 30 team members. All in all, it was a vibrant demonstration of Panasonic’s commitment to community service. Not only that, but half of the team had been working remotely since the pandemic. The Build-A-Bike® activity brought these employees back together while also culminating in a donation to the YMCA of Newark.

Panasonic Corporation is renowned for its diverse range of electronic technologies and solutions. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Panasonic USA is committed to enriching people’s lives and contributing to the progress of society. Their dedication to community involvement and employee engagement is evident in their corporate culture and initiatives.

Panasonic USA Reinforces Team Spirit with Build-A-Bike® Event in Newark, New Jersey

The Build-A-Bike® event at Panasonic in Newark was not just an exercise in team building. It was also a reflection of the company’s core values. Since the pandemic, over half of the participants began working remotely. The event, then, served as a rare and valuable opportunity for in-person collaboration and reconnection. The gathering underscored the importance of teamwork and collective effort in achieving goals. Both within the workplace and in broader community initiatives.

In the meeting preceding the event, the team members passionately discussed the topic of giving back, and their enthusiasm was palpable as they assembled bikes. Their excitement was not just for the task at hand but for the opportunity to contribute to the YMCA of Newark, an organization that plays a crucial role in supporting local communities. This act of charity was in perfect alignment with Panasonic’s ethos of making a positive impact on society, further strengthening the team’s sense of purpose and unity.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Panasonic Corporation of North America team for their spirited participation and generous contribution to the YMCA of Newark. Your dedication to community service and team building is truly inspiring.

Ready to bring your team together for a meaningful and fun experience? Join us for a Build-A-Bike® event in Newark, NJ, and make a lasting impact in your community!

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