TotalEnergies Camaraderie Quest in Houston, TX

Chad Davis  |  April 18, 2024
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TotalEnergies welcomed 125 of its leaders to a Camaraderie Quest team scavenger hunt. The event took place at their US hub in Houston, Texas. This engaging team building event served two purposes. One was to integrate the recently acquired solar group from Sun Power into the TotalEnergies culture. The second was to provide a unique exploration of both the company’s values and the rich history of Houston itself.

TotalEnergies is a leading global energy company. They’re engaged in the production and marketing of oil, biofuels, natural gas, green gases, renewables, and electricity. With a workforce of over 100,000 employees, the company operates in approximately 120 countries. TotalEnergies is dedicated to providing energy solutions that are reliable, affordable, and sustainable. They place sustainability at the core of its strategy, projects, and operations.

TotalEnergies Leaders Explore Corporate Culture and City History in Houston, Texas

The event was specially designed for the integration of the new leaders from Sun Power. The focus was on fostering a deep understanding and connection with TotalEnergies’ corporate ethos. Participants embarked on the Camaraderie Quest, a journey that led them through the impressive TotalEnergies Tower and various significant locales in Downtown Houston. This quest was not just a physical journey, however. It was an educational one, offering insights into the pivotal role that TotalEnergies plays in the global energy sector. It was also a chance to showcase its commitment to sustainable practices.

As the leaders navigated through the intricacies of the quest, they engaged with various aspects of TotalEnergies’ culture and operations, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the company’s mission and values. This event also served as an exceptional opportunity for team members to connect with one another, building a stronger, more cohesive leadership team ready to drive forward TotalEnergies’ objectives. The exploration of Houston’s landmarks and historical artifacts added an enriching layer to their experience, making the quest both informative and memorable.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to TotalEnergies for embracing this opportunity to strengthen team bonds and enhance cultural integration. Your commitment to developing a unified leadership team is commendable.

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