Syntellis Performance Solutions Ace Race® Event in Chicago, IL

Chad Davis  |  August 21, 2023

Syntellis Performance Solutions convened in Chicago, IL, for an invigorating Ace Race® team building event. Amidst recent structural changes in the company, the gathering aimed to boost team morale and foster unity. Participants enthusiastically built a mini golf course using canned and boxed food items, later donated to the Chicago Youth Programs.

Syntellis Performance Solutions offers pioneering enterprise performance management software, data, and analytics solutions. They cater to sectors like healthcare, higher education, and financial institutions. Their flagship products, Axiom, Connected Analytics, and Stratasan, empower finance professionals to elevate performance through insightful analytics and efficient decision-making. With a robust clientele that includes over 2,800 organizations and 450,000 users, Syntellis stands out as a reliable partner in transforming organizational visions into tangible outcomes.

Syntellis Performance Solutions Energizes Team with Ace Race® in Chicago, Illinois

Navigating through recent structural shifts, Syntellis Performance Solutions recognized the need for a morale-boosting team event. The Ace Race® in Chicago provided the perfect backdrop. Participants collaborated, strategized, and laughed as they assembled a mini golf course using non-perishable food items. The event wasn’t just about competition; it was a way for team members to connect, rekindle their team spirit, and foster collaboration in a fun and impactful manner.

The assembled mini golf course was more than just a competitive feat; it served a noble purpose. Every canned good and boxed food item used in the assembly was destined for the Chicago Youth Programs, a charity dedicated to empowering local youth. By engaging in the Ace Race®, the Syntellis team showcased their commitment to the community, ensuring that while they built stronger internal bonds, they also made a tangible difference to the lives of many in Chicago.

We’re immensely grateful to Syntellis Performance Solutions for their outstanding contributions to Chicago Youth Programs. Heartfelt thanks also go to the Chicago Youth Programs for their relentless efforts in nurturing the city’s future.

Experiencing organizational changes? Reconnect and reignite your team’s spirit with one of our innovative team building events in Chicago, IL!

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