Great HealthWorks Rescue Bear® Event Near Miami, FL

Chad Davis  |  June 8, 2023

Great HealthWorks attended a Rescue Bear® team building event at their headquarters near Miami, FL. With a group of 45 participants, mainly from the finance department, the event served as a fun reward for their exceptional work. Additionally, the event provided an opportunity for participants to learn about communication skills and explore different personality types. The Children’s Diagnostic and Treatment Center was the chosen charity for the event, benefiting from the participants’ involvement and support.

Great HealthWorks is a prominent direct-to-consumer company in the United States, focusing on delivering high-quality health and wellness products. Since 2003, their flagship product, OmegaXL®, has positively impacted the lives of millions of consumers. Backed by three decades of clinical research, OmegaXL® has garnered recognition from athletes, celebrities, and everyday users alike. Great HealthWorks operates with a vertically integrated approach, with corporate headquarters and a state-of-the-art packaging and distribution center located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Their commitment to innovation and direct-to-consumer shipping positions them for continued success.

Great HealthWorks Finance department enjoys rewarding Rescue Bear® event near Miami, Florida

45 participants from the finance department came together for a day of fun and camaraderie. Held at their headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, the event aimed to celebrate the team’s exceptional work and provide them with an engaging and rewarding experience. Despite the event’s focus on the finance department, several individuals from other departments also joined in, creating a diverse and inclusive atmosphere.

Rescue Bear® is a team building activity that explores personality types and enhances communication skills. The participants embraced the activity wholeheartedly, even though there was a heavy weighting towards one personality type. Everyone actively participated, played along, and had a great time while learning valuable lessons about effective communication. The event not only served as a well-deserved reward for their outstanding work but also provided an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Great HealthWorks for their generous donation. Our heartfelt thanks also go to the Children’s Diagnostic and Treatment Center.

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