X Idol’s Got Talent Show

The X Idol’s Got Talent show began as just a 15-minute “set-up” activity in our Build-A-Bike ® program years ago. We used to have teams organize a team cheer and have a cheer contest complete with “American Idol” style judges. After doing this for a few years, we began to get clients coming back telling us how much their team enjoyed the “cheer part”. So, eventually, this short activity morphed into a very popular stand alone activity. The event is both fun and absolutely funny! Your team will be laughing hysterically.

The Non-Talent Talent Show

First of all… This NOT a talent show. In fact talent has very little to do with the success of this program. What is more important is creativity, humor, and a competitive environment. The host (emcee) begins with a couple of high-energy activities to get the participants cooperating as a team. Next, we divide your group into smaller teams. (The host also selects a few “American Idol style judges”.) Then, each team gets to choose a talent. Now talent is a relative term.  Teams will design an original routine where they sing, dance, or lip-sync a one to five minute activity.

Now, at times, we actually discover a hidden talent by a few people within your organization. For instance, you group might actually have people who can really sing or dance. In those cases, groups often make that person the “lead” while everyone one else “backs up” the talent. More often, though, teams will choose to lip-sync or create a creative dance routine. Regardless of what “talent” they choose, the host and the judges will be inserting humor and laughs along the way.

The big conclusion is always hilarious, though. Because the for the finally, the top groups will have to compete in a totally different (and unrehearsed) talent. Get the phone cameras ready because you definitely want to record this for posterity.

Suggestions for the Best Results

This program is pretty easy to coordinate, but we suggest the following for best results.

  • This is a big group activity. The smaller the group, the faster the activities will go. We suggest at least 50 people for best results.
  • X Idol’s Got Talent was specifically designed to be conducted during or just after a cocktail hour. We suggest about a half hour of cocktails before starting the activity.
  • Executives or Leadership in the group needs to be mixed into the groups. However, we have had great success having the leadership team serve as the judges (if the leadership team is fun and funny, that is.)

We also often use this event as a “warm up” act for a Charity Team Building activity as well. So, if you have a smaller group, combine this program with a Rescue Bear ® or aMAZEing Builders event!